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The 8th KIPS International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Technologies and Applications (CUTE 2013) will be held on December 18-20, 2013 in Danang, Vietnam. The purpose of the CUTE 2013 is to promote discussion and interaction among academics, researchers and professionals in the field of ubiquitous computing technologies. Ubiquitous computing will require a new approach to fitting technology to our lives. The advent of new computing devices, and the seamless connectivity between these devices, thanks to diverse wired and wireless networks, are enabling new opportunities for a user to perform his/her operation all the time and everywhere. These seamlessly connected devices are ranging from mobile handset to wearable computers. Also, it is expected that these devices will become so pervasive that they will be embedded in the surrounding physical environment, and transparent and invisible to a user. Such devices, whether carried on by people or embedded into other systems, will constitute a global internetworking infrastructure and likely to provide a new level of openness and dynamics. Ubiquitous computing has as its goal the enhancing computer use by pushing computational services out of conventional desktop interfaces into physical environments, but effectively making them transparent forms and calm mode of interactivity. Recent advances in electronic and computer technologies have paved the way for the proliferation of ubiquitous computing and innovative applications that incorporate these technologies.

Important Dates

Workshop / Tutorial Proposal Due: June 1, 2013
Submission Deadline: July 30, 2013 (Extended)
Acceptance Notification: August 19, 2013
Registration Due: August 30, 2013
Final Manuscript: August 30, 2013
Conference: December 18-20, 2013


Topics (included, but are not limited to):

  • Track 1. Ubiquitous Communication and Networking
  • - Ubiquitous wired and wireless networks
    - Ad-hoc networking
    - Intelligent sensor network/RFID
    - Ubiquitous/pervasive platform and middleware
    - Automated, adapted and situated service
    - Open service architecture
    - Intelligent web service
    - Mobile and ubiquitous multicasting
    - Next-generation Internet & IPv6
    - Mobile network (NGN/BcN)
    - Wireless communication technology
    - Optical networks
    - Home networks
    - Future Internet

  • Track 2. Ubiquitous Software Technology
  • - Context-aware acquisition and representation
    - Context-aware media processing
    - Context database/management
    - Context framework and middleware
    - Context analysis and utilization
    - Context/Location-aware application
    - Energy-aware system
    - Resource-aware computation
    - Self-aware computers and systems

  • Track 3. Ubiquitous Systems and Applications
  • - Distributed ubiquitous middleware
    - Ubiquitous intelligent applications
    - Ubiquitous intelligent systems
    - Intelligence grid platform and service
    - U-Health care system
    - Smart appliances and wearable devices
    - Haptic interfaces and interactions
    - Design principles for multimodal systems
    - Auditory and haptic displays
    - Multimodal gaming and entertainment
    - Novel systems and interactions using other modalities (e.g. taste, smell)
    - Computer imaging and graphics
    - Ubiquitous learning

  • Track 4. Ubiquitous Security, Privacy and Trust
  • - Information security and cryptography
    - Security services/mechanisms/protocols in network/system levels
    - Access control in network/system levels
    - Identity, privacy, and trust issues in ubiquitous society
    - Risk estimation and management
    - Formal verification for security services & mechanisms/protocols
    - Performance analysis for security services & mechanisms/protocols